• Parenting from Experience

    What if at the end of your life you could distill all the wisdom you had experienced in raising your children and be able to do it all over again with that knowledge?

    The book 30 Lessons for Living: Tried and True Advice from the Wisest Americans compiles interviews from hundreds of Americans over the age of 65. The book offers great information to consider, particularly around parenting.

  • The Punishment Trap Part 2

    In the first blog on this subject, we discussed how punishment rarely works on its own. In today's discussion, we will talk about some concrete things that you can do to break out of this trap and more effectively manage your child's behavior.

    The key to making punishment more effective is to not rely on it as being your main tool for changing your child's behavior. The main tool should be reinforcing the behavior you want from your child. You are the main source of reinforcement for your child-- that is to say your time and attention. Your attention is probably the most renewable resource on this earth. Children rarely become satiated by their parents time and attention. That is not the case with other reinforcers.