Recognizing Positive Behavior--Easy to do

Here is a simple, but powerful strategy to recognize positive behavior by your child or help reinforce positive qualities in your child.

Post a Note Strategy:

All you need to do is to post a small note (Post-it notes work great for this) daily for 30 days in your child's room on the wall. Preferably it should be in an area of the room where perhaps other recognitions are located (trophys, certificates, artwork, etc.)


On the small note, write a specific behavior you appreciate your child did or a quality about your child you value. Examples:

Thanks for taking out the garbage without being asked.

You have a great sense of humor

The beauty of this intervention is that it is easy to do and most kids will soon be looking for this note daily. Do not be discouraged if your child rips them up when upset at you. Continue to post them and your child will come around. Remember it is your job to set the emotional tone in the home as much as possible.

You can continue to post after 30 days, but you can be less frequent after that point. Make sure you do it daily the first 30 days though.