The limits of parenting

It is frustrating at times when our children do not listen or follow our "wisdom".

Pastor Tony Scheving wrote the following excerpt which summarizes nicely our limits as parents:


"Parents can give their children life, but they can't live it for them. Parents can teach their children, but they can't make them learn. Parents can give their children direction, but can't lead them throughout their whole life. Parents can take their children to church, but they can't make them listen or have faith. Parents can teach children right and wrong but they can't make all their decisions for them. Parents can offer children advice, but they can't make them take it. A parent can warn their child about sex, drugs, alcohol and other vices, but they can't permanently keep their children away from them. Parents can advise their children about friends, but they can choose their friends for them. Parents can encourage their children to set goals, but they can't force them to achieve them."

The bottom line is that you must continue to offer guidance and be an example to your child, even if it appears that they are rejecting your guidance. No one will care what morals and values that your child has more than you.